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The Pirate Charter:

With the change in leadership, it is only natural to let a change of rules follow. This new charter has been set-up for the purpose of outlining the rules, core values and purpose of the Black Fedora Pirates crew. It is valid since December 17th 2013 and will be until a new charter will replace it.

I am well aware that the idea of  pirates following rules might seem strange at first, but every society, fictional, virtual or real, has to agree to certain core values and rules to ensure it will work.

I. Joining up with the Pirates

Since being a group of pirates also mean being a group of outcasts, the Black Fedora Pirates accept  anyone regardless of who you are, as long as our goals similiar enough. To ensure this group will work as intended, you are asked to create a proof of loyalty.
The proof can be of any art form you desire. We are not picky and will not limit your creativity.
However, you should not take this too lightly. We want to see effort. The proof of loyalty is a pledge of allegiance. Written works have to include this pledge in the work itself! When using other art forms, you can add in the deviation's comment section.
Please keep that in mind that you are signing yourself away to a life on the seas of deviantArt. This loyalty proof will be enforced and needs to be taken absolutely seriously, for it means that you are accepting the capatina and the officers as your leader.

Once the proof is done, submit it to deviantArt and send us a link to it. You can either send it to the captain, the group, or include it in your member request. It's up to you. Since comments have the tendency to get lost easily, do yourself a favour and don't put the link into a comment.

II. Basic Rules

The following rules must be obeyed by those calling themselves Black Fedora Pirates.

1. The pirate crew is no place for hate or supporting hate. Be proud to be a pirate, but beware of vanity. Treat your fellow crew mates with respect, no matter who they are.

2. A single member may not and never will represent the Black Fedora Pirates as a whole, unless given explicit permission. Such will be listed in a journal and will be properly stated. This rule applies for all Black Fedora Pirates, including the captain.

3. No member should go around deviantArt picking fights or acting in a belligerent manner. We are not common street thugs. Also, no member should antagonize the community of DA without a very good reason. Please discuss it with the Captain and/or the council first as sometimes our heated nature gets the best of us.

4. Should a member be involved in a complication (legal or otherwise), then the Black Fedora Pirates may either jettison or defend that member. It will all depend on his/her honesty, and their willingness to tell the truth to the rest of the crew.

5. Though we are pirates and pirates do plunder, art theft is not a trivial crime and will not be tolerated.

If you feel another member violated any of the rules (including the captain and officers), save proof of this violation and report to an officer you trust or to the captain.
Remember: It took some good effort to get where we are now. However, all this will crumble if there is a single pirate who thinks only of himself ahead of the others.

Two additions, though those are rather guidelines than rules:

A. In order to keep things nicely organised, please do not welcome a deviant as a member unless they are offically announced as new member in a journal. This way we can avoid confusion and/or disappointment.

B. Every member has the right to leave whenever he or she deems it necessary. You will be crossed out on the crew list, but not removed. You can always return and continue where you left.

II. Level of commands:

Aside from captan and co-captain, there will be 3-5 officers in total. They are meant to be opposition as well as assistants. All these seven persons are admins for the group and the chatroom, helping it running smoothly. Their tasks will be named in the admin area of the Black Fedora Pirate group.

It's a well known yet often ignored secret, that power corrupts. The captain is no exception to this. Therefore, there will be several levels of command to share some powers and responsibilities and also, to keep an eye on the captain.

The captain is the first in command and has full control over all aspects of the group. However, she does not stand above any of the rules listed above. Unless there is a mutiny, the captain can only leave on her own accord and name her successor. The captain is allowed to accept new crew members, but must not cast members out on her own accords.

The co-captain is the second in command and has the same power and restrictions as the captain. They will take over whenever the captain is away and can't take care of the pirate crew. The co-captain is chosen by the captain. The co-captain can undo every action of the captain on their own accord, except for their demotion.

The two head officers are third in command. This means they take over if both captain and co-captain are prevented. They are chosen by captain and co-captain. The head officers cannot undo a decision made by the captain or co-captain, but they have to be involved if any member is accused of acting against the rules. They may accept new members, if the request is at least a week old.

Captain, co-captain and head officers form the pirate council. The council will come together whenever a member of the Black Fedora Pirates is accused of having violated the rules. It's up to the council to find out if the member has to be punished and how this should happen. The decision of the council is absolute, meaning even the captain is bound to it. Every voice in the council holds the same weight. If there should be a tie, then the current officers are asked for their opinions. the council can be summoned by any of it's members. An absent council member may only be ignored if the other three members agree anyway. The council also may grant a single person the right to speak for the whole Black Fedora Pirates.

Up to three junior officers are chosen by either by the captain, co-captain or head officers. Their main role is to be an admin for the group. This role can be assigned to any member who fits the current needs of the group. Often, the officers are judges for contests and challenges. In the past, the junior officers have changed often, depending on availability and group needs.

All positions mentioned above can mediate in disputes between members in order to find a solution. There is no need to summon a council unless rules 1-5 are not violated this charter needs to be changed.
There is no order of ranks. If there is a problem of any sort, every member can turn towards the one they trust most.

III. The Core Values and Ideals of the Black Fedora Pirates:

1. Hard Work – A pirate understands the value of hard work and is determined to do their best in all things. This means no whining and no cheating and no hubris.  We play to the rules and do our best; there is no shame in that. Hard work and effort will yield results.

2. Determination – Try and try again. To be discouraged easily is not the way of a pirate. There are times when we feel down or that we want to give up, but it is up to you to pull out a second wind during those times. Force yourself to get up and handle things, life is tough but you are tougher. That is what I believe, after all, no one has thought about giving up more than I have I think and that Is with what some might call a modicum of 'success'.

3. Team Work – We are a crew; therefore our thoughts and ideals must be aligned in order to foster a strong family environment. While we are all different individuals, we must be cohesive and come together as one, it really makes no sense if a crew is trying to go against one another. People may have different backgrounds, cultures and different ways of doing things; but at the very least if you share the same core ideals, you will look at each other as comrades.

4. Leadership – If we want to change the way the world is led, then we must show that through our own actions. When you sign up, you are effectively saying that you want me to lead you and in time you may lead others in future.

5. Action – We show who we are through our actions, taken for what they are. Positive outcome or negative outcome, we show who we are through those actions and accept both results. We strive and we evolve, but the world is one in which we must attempt to make our mark. We look out toward the vast landscape that stretches before us and say, "This is who I am as a person."

6. Wellbeing – Caring for one another is a basic tenet of our crew. We are a crew, we are a family. We fight under the same flag and under the name of 'The Black Fedora Pirates'. It makes no sense to treat each others without respect. Therefore always behave with manners, show respect for your seniors and make yourself welcome in this family. If we have respect for one another, we will not falter.

7. Respect – While anyone is allowed to join, it is still polite to show some modicum of respect for others. If you've done something wrong, lower your head and say you're sorry. There is honor in that, rather than shame. We all make mistakes, but we can also apologise for them.

These are the values that every crew-member should follow. I would rather people not cause me or the other officers unnecessary stress. We get enough of that in the real world; let us come here to push ourselves forward and to improve our art, whether it is visual art, written work, music or whatever else.

Remember, we must act as one to achieve our goals. If you can't be a part of the crew, then you're not right for the crew. After all, no man is an island and if we do not work together then we will simply perish alone. If one brick of the tower crumbles, then the whole tower could fall.

IV. Etiquette:

Since I stressed the importance of being respectful in section 1, I'll keep the list of polite addresses. But it's up to you if you want to use it, I will not make it mandatory. Personally, I will only use them if you want me to.

Sir/Captain – Polite term of address for the Captain [Western]
Hyungnim – Respected older brother [Full formal – Korean, Captain only]
Aniki – Older Brother [Formal – Japanese, common amongst gangsters, allowed for any older male]
Da Ge – Older Brother [ Formal – Chinese, usually for gangsters, allowed for any older male]
-nim – Respected [Korean suffix that is used to show respect, i.e. Angel-nim to denote her seniority]
-san – Formal [Japanese suffix that is used to show respect, i.e. Leelu-san to show respect]
Mr. – Formal [Western prefix to show formality, i.e. Mr. Cray, are you looking for something?]
Ms. – Formal [Western prefix to show formality, i.e. Ms. Bloodrose, will you be going out?]
Brother – Self explaining
Sister – Self explaining
Hyung – Older Brother [Korean suffix used only by males. i.e. Ifrit Hyung]
Nuna – Older sister [Korean suffix used only by males, i.e. Sparky Nuna]
Oppa – Older Brother [Korean suffix, used only by ladies i.e. Nathan Oppa]
Unni – Older sister [Korean suffix, used only by ladies i.e. Sarah Unni]
Dongsaeng – Younger sibling [Korean word, generally not used on its own. If someone is younger use Western form or the other languages]
Nii – Older brother [Japanese suffix, i.e. Aslansa Nii]
Nee – Older sister [Japanese suffix, i.e. Linda Nee]
Imouto – Younger sister [Japanese word, you can use it on a younger girl]
Otouto – Younger brother [Japanese word, used on a younger boy]

This charter was written by Diluculi on December 17th 2013, reviewed and approved by DarlingAngel0565 on the same day.
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Crimson-Leviathan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
An extremely well written charter :D I agree will what is written and will do my best to follow all of the given rules.

I give my loyalty unto the Captain as well as the ship and the crew.
ClassJester Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Wi, I agree to with the charter and will adhere to the rules as best as I am able.
DarlingAngel0565 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Professional Writer
I agree with the charter and do pledge my loyalty to you me Capitana, as well as to the crew.
zstew2 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student Writer
Looks fair enough. 

I hereby agree to follow this charter to the best of my abilities. 
Russianbear09 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is fair and very well done. 

I hereby agree to follow this charter to the best of my abilities
little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Brilliant charter. :) I think it sets the perfect guideline to work by.

I hereby agree to follow this charter to the best of my abilities.
kalic00 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seems fair

I hereby agree to follow this charter to the best of my abilities
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